Saturday, 12 April 2014

Adding to my collection of 60's Genie Bottles

In the past ive complained about the price of genie bottles due to everyone being in love with retro at the moment. That's still the case but i had a little luck with some ebay auctions and picked up two decanters this weekend.

 The lady that sold me the amber decanter said she does have the stopper somewhere in boxes under her house and if she finds it will post it to me which would be amazing cause i only paid $21 for it and with a stopper would be worth at least $60 (or $120+ depending if you're an 'antique enthusiast' who likes to jack up the price cause it's 'retro')

Friday, 11 April 2014

KEKEKE 2014 Kicking Off in April

whoo hoo! finally remembered my pass words. Any who, just a quick jump on and share some pree hair cut/ old photos for the funsies while i work on getting back to blogging. hopefully, and not just be something i say and never do.

but im honestly over the whole photoshoot/model thing, im just done. was given some item by a UK designer and it's taken so long to organise anything that i just have to send them back, my hearts not in it. i'd rather take shitty photos of myself then be presured to be a 5'8" size 6.

my Betsey Johnson dress i got on ebay for $40 and my ballet pointe shoes, dont forget im not a pro ballet dancer so yes, ties arent tucked in and im not quite 'on pointe' but im having fun so stuff you  haha

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Currently have no internet in my new place. But unpacking and making everything look lovely. Planning new lookbook photo and reading up on how to use my camera better. My new phone doesn't seem to let me upload images. But that's okay. Ive got an instagram if anyone is interested; AlphieLaFray

Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to deal with sh*thead 'professionals' in the photography biz

Watch from 10:35, it's an excellent lesson because you WILL come across people at a photo shoot who acts like this. But one thing to remember is take the rudeness and negativity as a positive.

My situation like this, not as extreme but still frustrating. From word go he was incredibly frustrated with my 'lack of ability' and didn't even try hide it; "no i need you to feel lost, lost, like blank but feelings... no it's not working, just not working i don't think i can do anything with this" honestly after an hour of this i just wanted to cry.

Whatever your situation is you cant take it to heart, and sometimes they're just negative for a completely different reason and are taking it out on you. Also, not everyone is going to like you, to some you could be a muse and to others your a huge chore. Don't take it to heart

Friday, 18 October 2013

I made a little cake

It was my fiance's birthday yesterday and i very quickly made him a treasure chest cake, it's not brilliant but he loved it and was filled with all his favorite chocolates. It's a banana rum cake with chocolate walls and butter cream piping. Tomorrow im taking him on a surprise road trip that's in theme with the cake. All i've told him is to wear sunscreen and wear comfy shoes ^_^

Oh and here's my Annie dress, i feel like singing and dancing to Hard Knock Life and get a little fro.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Good riddance to a really draining year

Last November we moved apartments, and were so excited to move into a newly renovated and such a clean crisp space. There was about one month of peace and bliss... then everything went to shit. The neighbours showed their true colours.

First, car spaces are for residence only yet our neighbours visitors would park anywhere they like including the space between our car and the letterboxes that isn't actually a car space. it made it impossible to get to your mail and/or get out of your car. Our car got side swiped, sure they came and a apologized but it wouldn't have happened if visitors would park by the road.

Second, our neighbours had lots of visitors.. and i mean lots! Across the hall would have, i swear, at least 4 groups of visitors a night while i was home. And each groups would bang loudly on the door "*knock knock* Justin! Justin you home? Justin open the door *knock knock* Justin!" then when answering the door they's keep the door open and talk/laugh loudly for a few minutes before closing, and repeated while leaving. Then upstairs neighbours, had about 5 people living in the two bedroom unit. The would also come and go many many times a day, the stairs ran along our lounge room window which they'd thump down at sprinter speed. im also convinced that their was no sound proofing between our ceiling and their floor so we heard every footstep, cry from the baby, movement of dinning chairs and every argument (which were many and at stupid hours of the night).

Thirdly, three months into our lease the landlord decides to sell the apartment. Why the frick wouldnt you have decided that BEFORE putting someone on a 12 moth lease? So we, as extremely private people who are pedantic about home security, we forced to have our living space photographed and put on the internet and then go through the Open For Inspection phase... for SIX MONTHS! Every Saturday and we insisted on being present for the safety of my antiques and precious items. A few months into the whole selling process, a massive leak/water damage appears on our kitchen ceiling... from stuffing round with the plumbing and destroying a pipe, so we also had to deal with builders and painters coming through to fix their mess.

The whole process and intrusion was so draining and depressing. Our motto for these passed 8 moths was "let the new owners deal with it".

But one good thing to come from making ourselves a bit reclusive and not going out to meet with friends or not going on photo shoots, is that ive had no influence and inspiration from the outside world. im the first one to admit that im very easily influence by those around me. Depending on my "friends" at the time can depend on what my likes and dislikes are. My last group for friends were very into bone, animal print, typical psychobilly-esk imagery. Before that was a very scremo scene, and before that super gothic artistic types. And although i do enjoy those elements, im not overly crazy about them. Everything ive grown to like over this past year has been who i feel i truly am. And oddly enough this was kind of who i was before i started letting people influence me. i like 60's vintage, floral print and indie rock, i like books, dried flowers, 50's diner rock and 90's video games. I reconnected with my old music library of The Editors, The Smiths, Strokes, Fiona Apple and Doris Day. I don't like corsets and latex and covering myself in fake blood. Selling half of my closet on ebay was the best thing i could have done. Ive shed myself of my old life and getting ready to start anew.

Next week we get our keys to our new townhouse, huge kitchen/dinning lounge area with wooden floorboards and it's own lock up garage and courtyard, with it's own clothes line so there's no competing with 14 other house holds for line space. Two bedrooms upstairs with a huge bathroom and spa bath! i feel like im winning at life. Only downside is im further from the city, but plus side. more time on the train to read my books. Starting to feel super positive again.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sexism Comes From The Most Unlikely Places

I thought i'd share with you the most sexist thing that's happened to me, and surprisingly it came from a female ex-employer.

Back in 2006, I started my pastry cook apprenticeship. pastry and baking requires early starts, to begin with i was doing a 4am start. my then employer stated; 
"there's a spare car space out the back for you to park" to which i replied 
"well i dont drive, i only live four blocks away, so im going to walk"
"can you get your parents to drop you off?" although i lived with them, i was 19 and they encouraged me to be indipendant
"well no, im happy to walk, honestly"
"no, it's too early for a girl to be walking alone through town, i'll get one of the cooks to pick you up every morning"

That just pissed me off, a girl at 19 isn't allowed walk four blocks in a small country town at 4am yet her son at age 19 is allowed to wonder round drunk at all hours of the night. So after about 6 months i convinced my co-workers to let me walk, which i did for the next 4 years working there.

I think it's incredible that a woman in her mid 40's who must have been around through the burning of the bras in the 70's can be so "no, you need a male escort" yet the men in that work place were happy for me to walk. Not only that but also work alone in the building between 1am and 6am on a Sunday morning when there's 3 popular pubs nearby.

sexism isnt always from men, ive found men to be more pro feminist than women