Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Antique Store I Call My Nana's House

Over the weekend I went to visit my parents and Nana, she let me go through her cabinet cupboards and pick out some trinkets to take home, lets explore shall we.

So first I spotted a Bessemer serving plate, although im collecting Bessemer in green I cant say no to the brand in general.

A cute little story for these glass sugar and milk bowls, my great great grandmother was given these as wedding gifts in 1910's, then gave them to my Nan along with the note (below) in 1960's.

Then in an ironic twist, I spotted these colourful rose serving plates, these were given to Nan as wedding gifts, she just had what would have been her 52nd anniversary a few weeks ago, so that was lovely and sentimental.

 When I fished these matching coffee pot/tea pot and a stray sugar bowl from the back they were extremely tarnished and Nan polished them up for me. Cute story behind the coffee and tea pot in particular. in 1956, My great grandmother saved all the money she got from picking peas to go into the jewelers and buy this matching set so she could show off and brag to guests who came to tea, even though they struggled to put food on the table. She thought she was very posh having these sitting on the table.

 Well, who can say no to a Royal Doulton cup/saucer/biscuit plate set (unsure of purchase date)

 A glass milk and sugar set given to my Nan and Pa on their 40th wedding anniversary (Ruby)

Also went through the stuff i have in storage and found some stuff i had tucked away from my late teens.
Doll on the left was made by my nan to look like me as a kid, and the middle doll was one my mum had as a little girl

Saturday, 28 June 2014

My everest of cool from high school.

At school i wasn't the coolest person, it wasn't even the 'coolest' era of my life. But recently i was reminded of the moment during high school that i was at my most rockin'. Graduation, i had very recently had my best friends mother give me a Suzie Quatro hair cut, i sewed up an old hot pink lacey negligee and found some 90's platform boots in an op shop. Now im VERY glad i dont have pictures of my Courtney Love attempt but the idea makes me very happy indeed. But im sad that it took me until i was 18 to start trying to experiment and 'find' myself.

I think we all look at our current selves and think "yes, this is as cool as i'll ever get" and yes right now i do believe that. Ive been through every trend/fad/phase you could think of in hopes to find myself and it's funny how i've come a full circle to a more improved version of one of my earlier 'trials'. Oh then add a splash of my mother's and father's personalities and interests, which leads me to being very disappointed that i felt the need to rebel away from their choice in music and hobbies. I wish i stopped and listened to dad's music during my early teens and didn't roll my eyes at mum's sewing boxes of needle work and cupboards of second hand trinkets.

lets finish off with a quick walk through of my 'evolution' starting at the end of high school yes?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Small Magazines and 'Submissions'

Although im not active within the 'alt model' scene thing anymore, it came to my attention during the week that magazines that generally embrace work by the alternative/arty/and underground folk are charging $$ to submit your work to be put in the magazine. And can i just warn all you newbies out there that it is not the way things should be done. And even to some extent you shouldn't even deal with magazines that run on 'submissions'. here's my first hand dealing with an amazing run magazine called Fiend,

Everything was run and organized by the editor, that includes purposefully going out and shooting the editorial for that quarters issue ie; find photographer, designers etc etc. I revived a message from the photographer on behalf of the editor asking to be involved with the editorial. All the models and make up artists met on the day at Wildilocks hair salon, then off to the studio. The photographer had all the image isea's concepts planned out page to page with what each person would be wearing etc etc.

This is how a magazine shoot should run, but from what ive seen,it happens so very very rarely. the other two times ive been in a magazine was a) the photographer entered a photography comp and they won so the image was used as the cover image
b) the hair stylist submitted our shoot to a magazine, which ended up just being a magazine full of images and no articles.

i truely wish that small magazines would go back to the old way of running things. let photographers, models, designers submit their folios for consideration and organize your shoots in house. Give the armatures a taste of how the bigger national magazines work. And you should never have to pay a magazine for them to use your images, they sell advertising space not editorial space.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shopping for bargains... again

 I went birthday shopping for myself and got this little haul of goodies. Whether or not youve already realised or not, but i HATE spending full price on anything! sales sales sales!
originally $40 down to $10 at the Bardot factory outlet

originally $120 down to $40
my book store, every book $10. Storied from Edwardian servants, true crime gangs and strange stories behind popular modern art pieces.
Prints prints and more prints. since dying my hair red ive had people tell me i look 'normal'. Not so i believe. With blue hair i only felt right wearing black, now i can wear all the colours and prints and get away with it. You can never own too many printed dresses.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Typo outlet is my one weakness

Typo  factory outlet at southern cross station shopping center is my one true shopping weakness. I pass by everyday on my way home and i can't help but have a look. $3 notepads and stationary, novelties and knick-knacks. in the past week ive picked up these little trinkets

little shuttlecock salt and pepper shakers
tiny ceramic ice cream cone bowls

and because i love $5 prints

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Little photo play date with Gigglemonster for Boodwah

Earlier in the year i was contacted by the lovely lady of Boodwah to shoot a little something for her. After months of procrastination and finding the courage to shoot again, i got together with sophie of GiggleMonster and came up with this lil set.
So we went down to this old boating wharf just off Melbourne CBD, got some great views of the city behind me. Also had a tiny audience, a lady from one of the charter boats cause to watch and commented that she could 'feel my pain' in the pointe shoes. Two hours getting up on pointe over  gravely concrete was a great way to scuff up my shoes so i don't slip on the floor boards at home. But it defiantly made me realise i need a lot more practice as i wasn't confident standing on one foot HAHA!